frequently asked questions

How do I buy a beat?
Its simple, just go to our beatstore and follow the instructions.
Do I have to pay Royalties? Publishing Fees or any Mechanical Rights?
Definitely not, you Keep 100% of your profits. Read out Terms for more details.
Are beats removed from the website once bought?
Yes, if the customer has purchased exclusive rights. Leased beats stay on the page since a lease is a non-exclusive license.
I have bought a beat but haven't received it yet?
If you do not receive the beat within 24 hours, contact us: info(at)
What can i do with Free Downloads?
Use for non-profit/promocinal use. For more information read our Free Download Policy.
Are you guys open for a collab?
Yes. We are open for any kind of collaboration, doesn’t need to be only music. Please send us an interesting proposal to info(at)
Any Questions?
if you want more information, just contact us: info(at)

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